All of our portfolio companies share the same principles – strong founder teams, proven business models, and an unbeatable high score of a data analytics approach.

Acatus is a financial services company that provides a debt capital markets platform for banks and other organizations.View more
AsGoodAsNew is an online retail store based in Europe that sells consumer electronics.View more
Atheneum is a marketplace for industry experts providing faster insights and better data.View more
Backbone offers a platform for visualizations of any kind.View more
Embedded banking platform providing technology and resources for corporate finance.View more
Bergfürst is a crowdfunding platform for real estate making professional asset classes accessible to all.View more
For its pop-up stores, Blaenk selects innovative products for a modern and sustainable lifestyle.View more
Chipmetrics is a forerunner in productizing test structures, test chips, and wafer concepts for advanced materials and microelectronics manufacturing.View more
Via CNC24's service platform, customers can procure industrial components of utmost quality transparently and in one place. View more
Cobrainer specializes in the visualization of an organization’s embedded expertise. View more
Comet is France’s leading marketplace for tech freelancers, bringing together 10,000 top tech & data experts and the most innovative large companies in Europe. View more
Contiamo provides a central portal to understand data landscapes and massively accelerate data projects.View more
ContractHero offers cloud-based contract management software for SMEs providing a complete overview of all their documents.View more
CURE Finance
CURE Finance provides an intelligent digital bank for healing professions.View more
Edition F
News platform for businesswomen covering business, politics, society, career, business travel and fashion.View more
Medical technology company eLive is launching a medical device for self-measurement of sleep apnea to meet the growing global need for diagnostics and treatment monitoring. View more
Empion is a data-driven job platform that matches companies and candidates based on company culture, values, and skills. View more
Exein provides the first open-source security network for IoT.View more
Finanzguru is the most intelligent financial assistant, giving users full control over their finances.View more
Finleap Connect
Finleap Connect enables the integration of banking functions with partners' products and applications.View more
Fiuge is a technology company that provides a mass transit service. The delivery price is 50-70% cheaper than the industry price and it is free for businesses. View more
The SaaS software Flexcavo serves as a central platform for construction companies to manage their machinery fleets.View more
Flexperto enables seamless end-to-end communication and digitalizes sales activities.View more
Flow Neuroscience
Flow Neuroscience treats depression by combining a behavioural therapy app with a tDCS headset. View more
Flyability provides drones to inspect places otherwise hard to reach or dangerous for humans.View more
FreewayCamper was founded by Julia Blum and Nikolai Voitiouk-Blum at the end of 2019 and has been revolutionizing the camping travel world ever since. View more
German Autolabs
With its AI-based voice assistance, German Autolabs supports employees in the last mile.View more
Heartbeat Medical
Heartbeat Medical drives the implementation of value-based healthcare by collecting real-world evidence based on patient-reported outcome measures. View more
holo|one is a software development company that enables communication in the metaverse. View more
All-in-one-health solution with single app connecting every action we can take to improve health & fitness.View more
Hypatos offers automation of financial document processing for business, such as invoices.View more
Kelluu Airships
Kelluu Airships monitors power lines and forests with a reduced carbon footprint.View more
The Finnish company Ketokamu is active in the FoodTech sector and develops food and products for ketogenic diets.View more
Labforward supports laboratory teams on their quest for groundbreaking discoveries and delivering innovative high-quality products.View more
Libify's home and mobile emergency call systems helps seniors stay independent and safe. View more
LIQID is a digital asset manager focused on the investment needs of affluent private clients.View more
With Lykon, customers discover their individual needs thanks to DNA and blood tests and achieve their health goals.View more
Marley Spoon
Marley Spoon is a cooking platform that offers recipes and allows its customers to order seasonal ingredients.View more
Metatavu specializes in software development, DevOps, AI and technical support services.View more
Online Doctor
The health platform Online Doctor, based in Switzerland, allows users to quickly diagnose any skin problems. View more
Palturai visualises connections between companies, institutions, and decision-makers.View more
Penta is a digital enterprise bank and offers a fast and secure approach to business banking.View more
PlanRadar is a SaaS to communicate within construction and real estate projects.View more
Pregnolia can accurately assess the stiffness of cervical tissues in pregnant and non-pregnant women.View more
Qonto is an online bank that provides financial tools for small and medium-sized businesses and freelancers.View more
Redkik is an embedded insurance and SaaS provider offering per shipment coverage.View more is a reminder service to stay on top of utility company notice periods.View more
RightNow gives consumers comprehensive access to legal support.View more
Roobeo is a digital marketplace for construction tools, building materials and equipment.View more
SeeTrue Technologies
SeeTrue Technologies is a company that specialises in eye tracking technology, and produces solutions for various applications based on the company’s software and electronics developmentView more
Shore is a point of sale, inventory management, live reporting and E-Commerce all in one iPad app.View more
Silmuke is a finnish mental health and therapy company. View more
SMACC helps financial professionals and organizations master financial management.View more
Digital planning and processing of heater replacement, accelerating the energy transition.View more
B2B structured lender that provides working capital facilities to SMEs and Mid-Cap companies.View more
With its payment layer, the Estonian financial service provider makes it possible to directly purchase NFTs with credit cards, simplifying the payment process.View more
Westhive is one of the largest providers of flexible office solutions in Switzerland. View more

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