Redstone announces €50M Human Impact Capital fund
News | 27.10.2022

Redstone announces €50M Human Impact Capital fund

Redstone and EnjoyVenture announce the successful closing of their Human Impact Capital (HIC) Fund I, a specialized early-stage Social Impact VC fund. HIC will focus on digital, innovative solutions aiming to improve the well-being of individuals.

Redstone and EnjoyVenture announce the successful closing of their Human Impact Capital (HIC) Fund I.

HIC is a newly launched €50m early-stage VC fund investing in digital business models actively addressing society’s biggest challenges with the aim of improving the well-being of individuals. HIC focuses 100% on social impact investments in the areas of Health, EdTech, and Living. We are convinced that entrepreneurs providing solutions to these problems will generate attractive financial returns for investors while advancing our society and laying the foundation for future generations.

Over the past years, Redstone has built an exceptional track record combining its proprietary Data Platform with deep industry expertise across 10+ funds. In launching HIC, Redstone is doubling down on social impact and is manifesting its position as one of the leading European venture capital firms.

HIC is managed by experienced venture capitalists from Redstone and EnjoyVenture. It is advised by an exceptional board of advisors led by Prof. Dr Harald Schmitz, CEO of Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, and Brigitte Zypries, former Federal Minister of Economics and Justice. Among others, the fund’s anchor investors include Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, bringing deep social sector expertise to the table. In light of this, the bank contributed invaluable insights into the needs of the social sector and was closely involved in defining the fund’s investment strategy.

HIC’s investment strategy has been centered around five Sustainable Development Goals (No Poverty, Good Health and Well-being, Quality Education, Gender Equality, and Reduced Inequalities) and three core verticals:

  • HealthTech: Ensuring health care and protecting the aging population
  • Living: Increasing the quality of life and limiting loneliness
  • EdTech: Ensuring access to qualitative education and reducing social inequalities

Leveraging its unique LP base, HIC aims to connect portfolio companies and established players from the social space to accelerate innovation. Even though the most urgent social problems have been evident before the pandemic, Covid has brought the insufficiencies in Health and Education to the spotlight. Redstone and EnjoyVenture want to seize this momentum to contribute to a more sustainable future. The fund will actively measure the impact of its investments to ensure an efficient allocation of resources. HIC is among the first funds in Europe to report according to Article 9 SFDR.




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