Ketokamu becomes new part of North Karelia Growth Fund
News | 22.06.2022

Ketokamu becomes new part of North Karelia Growth Fund

Ketokamu is a modern food company that enhances people's lives with its products, saves time and brings real taste and well-being with the best ingredients.

What does a good meal consist of? All that is needed are natural, genuine ingredients without compromise, preservatives or synthetic chemicals.

Redstone’s newest portfolio member aims to do just that – create products that are saturating and nutritious for a long time. Redstone’s North Karelia Growth Fund has made an investment in a Finnish new age Food Tech company called KetokamuThe company was founded in 2019 and is providing various products for ketogenic diets. In addition to products, the company is also one of the pioneers to offer online courses, webinars, and motivating blogs to educate people about benefits of the ketogenic diets and general wellbeing.

Ketokamu is a ready meal that one can easily enjoy and is healthy. In all its simplicity, it is a tasty and nutritious food. That’s the goal of Ketokamu’s founder Olli Kolehminen – to make everyday meals simple, healthy, and truly enjoyable.

Redstone’s partner Oskari Lehtonen commented on the fund’s latest investment: “We see general wellbeing trends and people’s interest towards healthy diets increasing over the years. Therefore, also the ketogenic diets and services related to the ketogenic diets are likely to attract more and more attention. We expect that after the funding round, the company will grow even faster.”

We are very excited to welcome Ketokamu to the Redstone family!

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