It’s a match: Find suitable talents with the help of artificial intelligence
News | 26.07.2022

It’s a match: Find suitable talents with the help of artificial intelligence

Employees are a company's most valuable asset. To keep an organization running, colleagues must do their work well and with pleasure. It is essential to respect the differences that employees bring with them and use diversity to achieve positive work results. 

In Human Resources Management, there is no “panacea” that will lead to the same positive results for all employees. Accordingly, one of the tasks of human resources management is to communicate with employees on an equal footing and to achieve the economic goals stated by management. 

There are a variety of different goals that HR managers* must pursue in the long term to represent the interests of their company. These are either economic or social in nature. While the economic goals protect and improve a company’s long-term success, the social goals ensure the well-being of (future) employees. 

One of the most critical steps in HR is probably recruiting, which sets the foundation for a suitable work environment. As part of personnel requirements planning, recruiting involves acquiring the right personnel at the right time. 

The recruiting market is worth $770 billion. The passive candidate market is ten times that and grows by almost 10% yearly. One in two employees is thinking about changing jobs. The top five career satisfaction factors are related to company culture and values. Nevertheless, corporate culture remains largely unconsidered on standard job portals. The result for many companies and applicants is inefficient hiring processes and high employee turnover.

“Especially for SMEs and young startups, current recruiting solutions are not very helpful because they do not offer a chance to focus on the essential differentiation criterion: corporate culture,” says Dr. Larissa Leitner, co-founder of the HR-Tech startup Empion. 

In today’s fast-paced world of work, it takes new methods and modern approaches to achieve this. At Redstone, we are sure: investing in young entrepreneurial teams with bold ideas to modernize and optimize HR processes is the way.

One of our newest portfolio members, Empion, aims to automate headhunting with artificial intelligence. The company was founded at the end of 2021 by Dr. Annika von Mutius and Dr. Larissa Leitner and is headquartered in Berlin.

To improve the recruiting process, the two founders developed the Empion test, which allows a company or an applicant to find out where they fit and which culture type they correspond to. As part of the EMPiON method, the culture test consists of 8 questions and covers not only preferences on hard facts (e.g., employee benefits) but also questions on soft facts—such as communication styles, purpose or appreciation, and respect. Whether for reorientation, re-entry, or in search of self-fulfillment, one can find an employer that fits individual ideas with the culture test. 

Redstone, for example, is a tree house, which means we offer a perfect balance between a supportive environment for employees and creating groundbreaking innovations. Employees are treated with respect, given a voice, and encouraged to collaborate. 

Under this link, you can find out which culture type you correspond to. 

If you want to learn more about Empion, listen to this podcast from Startup Insider, in which Dr. Annika von Mutius explains the Empion model from her perspective. 

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