News | 17.05.2021

FIV invests in network intelligence platform Palturai

The Series A funding round is expected to accelerate international expansion and product enhancements. GraphTech start-up Palturai delivers instant transparency to your business relationships: discover ultimate decision makers and beneficial owners. Palturai enhances efficiency across the intelligent enterprise and is a key tool in modern compliance, risk management and fraud prevention.

FIV (Future Industry Ventures) has joined VR Ventures and other investors in investing in GraphTech start-up Palturai, which has raised €4 million in a Series A round. 

Whilst many organizations have extensive stores of data, they still view customers, suppliers, and prospects as isolated entities. Without understanding how they are interrelated, it is challenging to discover new leads, access decision-makers, identify trouble spots, and run a business with high-quality master data. Understanding who you are ultimately dealing with has also become a critical element for compliance, risk management, and fraud prevention. 

Founded by a team of credit bureau professionals, the GraphTech startup provides visualization tools and business intelligence using data exclusively from official sources. Partnering with industry leaders such as SAP and Salesforce, Palturai solutions enable businesses across all industries to make better and faster decisions, reduce transaction costs, simplify compliance and risk management tasks, accelerate sales processes and market interactions, and improve the quality of master data in business applications.

Palturai sources its data from authoritative sources and uncovers business relationships typically not found in social networks,” says Philipp von Hagen, Managing Partner of FIV. “Integrating Palturai’s BusinessGraph about decision-makers and ownership structures into core business processes improves relationship management, enhances efficiency, reduces risk, and strengthens business integrity.”

FIV is investing alongside lead investor VR Ventures and others to support the company’s operative expansion to new territories, in particular the USA, and expand to new industry segments. 


The FIV as well as VR Ventures funds both leverage the Redstone platform, recognising Redstone as a rapidly growing VC service provider and the only one where investment funds are themed and structured around industry sectors and verticals.

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