Heartbeat Medical becomes part of SwissHealth Ventures portfolio
News | 01.04.2022

Heartbeat Medical becomes part of SwissHealth Ventures portfolio

Heartbeat Medical will be part of the SwissHealth Ventures portfolio. Heartbeat Medical drives the implementation of value-based healthcare by collecting real-world evidence based on patient-reported outcome measures.

In order to bring the quality of life of insured persons more into focus in the healthcare and reimbursement system, CSS Versicherung is participating in Heartbeat Medical, a company specializing in patient-centered surveys. 

Measuring and improving the quality of treatment directly for patients is a key challenge for modern healthcare systems. CSS, a healthcare partner and the largest basic insurer in Switzerland, is now reinforcing Heartbeat Medical’s digital approaches and expertise in the area of quality of life measurement. In addition to the shared goal of enabling quality-centric care and reimbursement models, CSS is also participating directly in Heartbeat Medical through SwissHealth Ventures AG.

The company’s digital platform is used to query patients directly about their symptoms, course of recovery and quality of life. Supplemented with clinical data, this creates an improved, continuous and secure basis for decision-making for medical staff. In addition, Heartbeat Medical enables quality-centered reimbursement models and supports the quality assurance of cantonal service agreements. Over 30 hospitals and service providers in Switzerland already use the platform, which is registered as a medical device.

CSS’s commitment and investment underlines the importance of patient-centric information for the further development of the Swiss healthcare system. With more than 1.5 million insured persons, CSS, as the largest basic insurer in Switzerland, represents an innovative and holistic approach to care and actively shapes the healthcare industry. CSS is committed to high-quality and cost-effective healthcare and has been investing in digital start-ups for the past year and a half. The investment in Heartbeat Medical goes hand in hand with CSS’s vision of ensuring and measurably improving the best possible quality of care and quality of life for its insured.

“This step is an important signal. Patient-reported outcomes data is no longer supported only by providers and cantons, but now also by Switzerland’s largest insurer in Switzerland,” comments Yannik Schreckenberger, CEO of Heartbeat Medical.



We are convinced that Heartbeat Medical will continue to radically improve care service levels in hospitals and become a key data provider to drive value-based healthcare initiatives in Europe.

We are proud to be part of this journey and are very much looking forward to working with Heartbeat Medical!

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