FreewayCamper – The startup that revolutionizes the camping travel industry
News | 18.07.2022

FreewayCamper – The startup that revolutionizes the camping travel industry

Vacation plans yet? 

Berlin had almost 40 degrees last week, which is hard to bear in the capital. One thing is for sure: There are a ton of better places to spend these days. The longing to get out and enjoy the temperatures in nature increases day by day.  The ideal would be a solid roundtrip, leaving the city and escaping from the urban jungle. 

FreewayCamper was founded to enable camping trips even faster and easier accessible. The startup aims to digitize the camping travel business and offer more flexibility when booking a camper. Currently, you can book at over 25 locations in 5 countries. At all locations, customers can choose from a broad portfolio of fully equipped campers and motor homes for every occasion and need. The perfect way to enjoy a spontaneous trip to the sea or the mountains in the hot summer season.

The fastest growing camping travel start-up in the European market is intensifying its expansion course and secures 30 million euros in equity and debt capital for further development. In addition to existing investors, such as the FlixBus-founders, new investors are also participating in FreewayCamper. Rockaway Capital leads the round as lead investor. Our Bridge to Growth fund provides FreewayCamper with venture debt financing. 

FreewayCamper was founded by Julia Blum and Nikolai Voitiouk-Blum in late 2019 and has revolutionized the camping travel world ever since. 

“The special thing about our concept is that, in addition to our own stations, we are expanding together with our partners. In doing so, we provide the partners with our platform and marketing power, among other things, and achieve optimal utilization in the FreewayCamper system via our dynamic pricing. The partners also use our product concept so that the unique FreewayCamper customer experience is guaranteed at all stations,” explains co-founder Julia Blum. 

Did you know? The Millennial population is the driving force of the camping business. The industry is expected to grow by 9.9% by 2026. 

Important concerning the growth of the business is to note that increasing awareness on sustainable living encourages campers to practice environment-friendly camping. These include using reusable utensils and cutlery, natural mosquito repellents, solar lamps and chargers, refillable water bottles, eco-friendly sleeping bags, tents, and other camping equipment. 

In a few weeks, FreewayCamper will reach another significant milestone—over 1,000 campsites and spots will be directly bookable via By 2023, the entire FreewayCamper team is preparing to expand into other European countries and, in particular, is increasing the partner concept. This will ensure that in 2023 FreewayCamper will have the best network of stations and the most attractive range of European campsites directly bookable online. 

 “We started and scaled the company during the most challenging time in the tourism industry. Even during this year’s supplier crisis, we were able to increase sales thanks to our strong partners, such as VW, Mercedes, and our rental partners. This success underlines that we have struck a chord on the supply and demand side through our advanced-asset-light model and are successfully bringing the entire camping market into a new era,” emphasizes co-founder Nikolai Voitiouk-Blum. 

We congratulate the whole team of FreewayCamper and look forward to working with you!

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