Redstone has committed to sustainable investing

As an investor, Redstone provides financial and business development support for startups with brilliant new products, services and ideas. Our intention is to pave the way for a brighter and healthier future, and we only invest in ideas that we think will help us get to an equitable, sustainable, and low-carbon economy.

As investors, we are in a position to screen and assess whether investments meet the environmental standards and comply with high-level policies, in particular the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. That is why our standard assessment procedures include a sustainability clause. We consider it our duty to leverage our influence here and to make sure all our portfolio companies act responsibly and respectfully towards people, communities, and the environment.


We enable the change that will have a good impact on the environment

Redstone invests in innovation and develops products and services that make a positive contribution to the environment, society, and the world. Take asgoodasnew, a refurbed cellphone service we helped build, where every single recycled phone reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 50kg. Just imagine the positive impact of this service, once it has fully scaled up!


We invest today in the clean and eco-friendly factories of tomorrow

This is exactly the kind of change in the world we want to support and accelerate. As venture capitalists, we are conscious that our investments shape the future of business by introducing new technologies, business models, and materials. We do not only consider financial returns of the innovations we drive, but also the long-term value we deliver in economic, social and environmental terms. Our flagship fund is Future Industry Ventures, dedicated to the future of manufacturing and implementing greener, cleaner, more human-friendly industrial production chains for all.


We are funding the startups that promise to make the world a safer, healthier place

Our portfolio companies provide employment, innovations, products and services that honour our mission of advancing the sustainable development of society and the planet. We have invested in Flyability, a startup building drones able to inspect confined spaces from the inside, looking to make human entry to chemical tanks a thing of the past.


Redstone is proud to shoulder responsibilities in the fight against climate change

Specifically as a VC, it is our job to identify the most innovative new solutions and then to fund and facilitate their adoption in the markets at scale. This is a huge responsibility, and one which we are proud to take on our shoulders. We acknowledge that it is up to us to combat climate change and increase resource efficiency. This is why we are delighted and proud to be founding members of the Leaders for Climate Action initiative.


Responsible investing means demanding sustainable practices from every startup in our portfolio

Every investment we make is subject to a screening process that assesses its impact on life on earth and our environment. Every term sheet we issue has a sustainability clause built in, designed to maximize accountability and mission buy-in. We have funded the concept store blaenk, which gives retail exposure to new products that appeal to the environmentally conscious consumer. Every year, we follow up with our portfolio companies regarding waste, water consumption and carbon emissions. As investors, we are in a unique position to demand this information.


The future of success is low-carbon and equitable

We are committed to the reduction of harmful emissions and to the climate targets of the Paris Agreement, which aims to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. We acknowledge our role in the push to accelerate transitions to a sustainable low-carbon economy and a brighter, cleaner, and more equitable future for all.


Social impact of our business on local communities and the environment

We support universally recognized human rights and assume long term accountability for ethical standards. We take deep dives on our business’ impact on local communities, the health and welfare of employees, and make thorough examinations of our supply chains.


We support tech innovations that are useful and helpful for all

Above and beyond financial performance, our mission is to bring useful and helpful innovations into the markets that will have a positive impact on the economy and society. That’s why we supported RightNow, a “legal tech” startup built to provide regular citizens with full access to legal assistance in small claims against corporate entities (like disputes with airlines and gyms).


Embrace the power of diversity at work

When it comes to employment, we know the power of difference and embrace diversity across all dimensions: gender, race, sexual orientation, class, age, and disability status. We know that diverse teams work with greater agility, produce sharper ideas, make smarter decisions and drive innovation faster, all of which creates true and long-term value that we can look back on many years from now and still be proud of.






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