News | 08.10.2021

FinTech CURE Finance has raised €1.4 M

CURE Finance successfully closes the first financing round and raises EUR 1.4 million to advance its roadmap to intelligent banking for health professionals. The investors include VR Ventures, a fund of Volksbanken and Redstone, family offices from Switzerland and Austria, and various doctors and dentists.

CURE Finance

CURE Finance is going to launch an integrated business banking solution for health professionals. The startup combines the health and finance sectors and creates an intelligent digital solution that should noticeably simplify the day-to-day work of doctors and dentists. Currently, the daily work of doctors strongly relies on manual and time-consuming processes. In particular, people working in the health industry spend considerable time taking care of their finances, an area that is not related to the profession of a doctor at all. However, integrating the financial and the health sectors from CURE Finance creates simplification of these lengthy processes. In other words, doctors can save a considerable amount of time and work, which can be used for patient treatment. The management founding team, Cassie Kübitz-Whiteley, Martin Buhl, Stefan Weiß and Wolfgang Strobel, brings several decades of experience in building FinTech companies and banking such as PayPal Deutschland, Fidor Bank, HVB, UniCredit, Hauck & Aufhäuser and Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank. The investors include VR Ventures, a fund led by Volksbanken and Redstone, a family office from Switzerland and Austria, and the diverse doctors and dentists. 


CURE Finance closes the gap with clinical care

After a long period of no significant further development in this area, it is time to develop new digital diagnoses and treatment options and significantly improve access to specific financial information for health professionals in parallel. The digital application of CURE Finance allows outpatient medical facilities to be managed more transparently and efficiently in business terms. As a result, the economic gap is closed with clinical care. 

Martin Buhl, CEO of CURE Finance, states: “Traditional banks mostly focus on generic banking products. Business accounts offer neither access to processed company crucial data nor context to the respective individual and financial situation. We convince that business banking will have to become increasingly significant and individual tomorrow. Our banking approach is aligned with customers’ processes and provides integrated solutions. With CURE, we want to offer an account tailored to the needs of doctors and dentists that takes into account the individual economic situation in practice.”

The “Financial Companion for Health Professionals” is currently developing a data-driven all-in-one platform for banking, controlling, accounting and taxes. Functions for efficient practice management and interfaces to various partners in the ecosystem are also being considered.


Wiser financial decisions thanks to CURE Finance

A direct link to the existing systems and data used in the medical practice immediately enables a transparent and comprehensive view of all crucial financial data. To achieve this goal, CURE Finance implements these data points into the context to quickly and transparently assist doctors and dentists, and their healthcare advisors to understand the practice’s financial situation and make wiser financial decisions. Furthermore, CURE Finance also enables medical practice owners to connect their existing bank accounts and current practice systems within minutes, which is unnecessary for a time-consuming account switch. Thus, customers benefit from a real-time overview of liquidity and taxes and can identify financial bottlenecks early.

VR-Ventures’ Partner Timo Fleig: “CURE provides an attractive NEO banking significant solution, which specifically targets at health professionals. The experienced founding team has fully convinced us in this early project phase and we believe in a successful market entry of the CURE platform.

CURE Dashboards start from the end of 2021

The funds from the first financing round will enable CURE Finance to drive product and market development much faster to achieve its vision of intelligent banking for health professionals. The CURE Dashboard, a SaaS-based financial layer between the house bank account and the medical practice, will launch in late 2021. In addition, Cure Finance plans to launch a business account exclusively tailored to the needs of health professionals and credit cards and financing solutions for the medical practice foundation and expansion in the first half of 2022.


Test the CURE Banking right now

Before going live officially, interested practice owners can get a first impression of CURE Banking from a product demo at and pre-register for the launch. The CURE marketplace for health professionals is already available at and the CURE Finance Community (a social network where health professionals can exchange information and obtain expert opinions on related topics to private and practice finances such as accounting, foundation, optimization, financing or law, and taxes). In addition, community members can contribute their ideas at to develop the future of banking for health professionals together with CURE Finance.


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