News | 16.12.2021

Chipmetrics successfully closes the first financing pre-seed round

Chipmetrics is the pioneer of productizing test structures, test chips, and monitoring wafer concepts.

Redstone’s North Karelia Growth Fund makes a pre-seed investment in Chipmetrics, a spin-off of VTT

The forerunner of 3D nanometrology Chipmetrics becomes the fourth new member of Redstone’s Nordics fund North Karelia Growth. Chipmetrics is based in Joensuu, Finland, one of the leading photonics hubs in Europe. The company is a forerunner in productizing test structures, test chips, and related measurement concepts for advanced materials and microelectronics manufacturing industries.


Expert at thin-film conformality characterization

Chipmetrics’ main product, PillarHall Lateral High Aspect Ratio (LHAR) Test Chip is developed for advanced thin film process conformality characterization. The product aims to accelerate applications of conformal 3D thin films.

The character of the PillarHall test chip is cost- and time-saving when compared to the state-of-the-art cross-sectional analysis. PillarHall also provides a fast and accurate conformality data source for revolutionizing 3D nanometrology and thin film process development methods. Moreover, Chipmetrics offers measurement and analytical software. Therefore, penetration depth and other process parameters can be calculated from digital microscopic images. With microscopes, high-quality pictures can be simply taken as well.

Semiconductors are the brains of modern electronics

The 3D nanometrology startup is part of the emerging Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) industry and research community. ALD is a key enabler of the 3D megatrend in the semiconductor industry by improving the performance and energy efficiency of transistors and memory circuits.

Chipmetrics will launch a seed round in 2022. We wish CEO Mikko Utriainen and the whole team the best of success in this sizable global industry and are delighted to support the venture.

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